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About Us

LIFERA Sober Living helps men, women, teens, and families recovery from drug and alcohol addictions.

We are a Vancouver-based company with a mission to provide effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation information and services for communities and families across Canada and the US.

Having well-established healthcare partnerships with some of Canada’s best medical and addiction professionals, treatment centres and clinicians allows us to create personalised treatment profiles for each of our clients. We tailor each addiction consultation, intervention, or any of our treatment services to suit the specific needs of each person who seeks help.

We also focus on the needs of families by making our addiction recovery process straight-forward with specific and tangible short and long-term goals. Our sobriety navigators work to reduce stress and anxiety while their loved ones get the help they need. After-care planning is one of the most important parts of a solid recovery plan. We make sure you have a plan for your long-term sobriety as well.

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Christopher Steffler
Executive Director

Since 2006, Christopher Steffler has been working with vulnerable men, women, and families and those who struggle with addictions.

With over 15 years of continuous sobriety, Christopher first began as a front line worker in both the senior housing and addiction recovery industries. As his career progressed, he took on leadership roles as the Resident Services Manager, and later, the Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Engagement at one of Canada’s most respected senior housing providers. He also worked with the BC Senior Living Association’s ‘Public and Government” advisory committee, who advocated for elevating the quality of life for BC seniors.

In the Addiction Recovery field, Christopher has not only worked in a treatment centre as a support worker, monitoring and mentoring men early in recovery, but also as an advocate, sobriety coach, interventionists and an open hand to anyone who struggles with addiction. In addition, he has worked at Canada’s largest treatment centre as their Marketing, Communications and Community Engagement Manager, where he helped them to continue to grow awareness about addiction recovery, and the de-stigmatisation of addictions.

LIFERA Sober Living developed naturally as Christopher continued to help families find solutions to addictions. With his professional experience, healthcare partnerships, and his personal understanding of addiction, he has been able to build a very effective and trusted resource for people to find a path to sobriety. One that works for them.

“Ask for help, give thanks, and help others. I was advised that if I worked towards these, good things would come to me and others. So far I am blessed for knowing and realising this truth.” Christopher Steffler

Family Therapy

Recalibrate Your Life

In oder to return to a healthy lifestyle and to begin the process of healing yourself and your relationships, one must seek guidance from someone who has travelled their path, begin to replace bad habits with good ones, and start looking to repair their physical as well as their mental and emotion health. These are the what we have found to be the pillars of long-term recovery.

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