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Navigating Home. LEARN MORE Resolve what blocks you from living your life fully; free from addictions and alcoholism. Rebuild and Discover. LEARN HOW WE CAN HELP Rebuilding healthy relationships is one of the most important goals when working towards long-term sobriety. Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. LEARN HOW HERE Physical fitness is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Finding balance between work, play and family allows space to heal the mind.


At LIFERA Sober Living, we understand that Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are chronic, progressive and often deadly diseases. We offer need-specific substance abuse services and supports that help men and women in our community heal and reconnect.

Recover Your Life. Free from Addiction.

Based in Vancouver, BC, but serving all of Canada and the US, our addiction services and drug treatment programs concentrate on holistic approaches to the process of sobriety and wellness. Living sober means that we need to learn new ways to cope and thrive in all aspects of our lives. The most successful way to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety is to create a safe and supportive space to look inwards; while at the same time nurturing the body and mind.

Our clients access certified and experienced drug interventionists, addiction counsellors, sober coaches, physicians, and clinicians across Canada. We create unique treatment plans that are designed to best suit the needs, experiences and conditions of the people we serve.

There is a way out from underneath addiction. The most important thing is to make the decision to change the way you are living. After that, we can help you find your path back to a healthy, rewarding and productive lifestyle. Christopher Steffler, Executive Director


Recovery Education

Learning how to use the tools of sobriety will help to guide the decisions we make outside of treatment. Our recovery education programs prepare you to life life on life's terms.


Daily Health Team

Our Sobriety Navigators help create your healthy living team of physicians, clinicians, and addiction specialist. They have the knowledge, experience to guide your path back to a rewarding life.


Balance, Body & Mind

Whenever we are working through a healing process it is important to have a balanced approach. Recovery begins when both our bodies, and our minds are reconnected.


The Four Pillars of Addiction Recovery

Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise, Recovery Education, and Mindfullness are the focus of LIFERA Sober Living programs. Once you find your life balance, you can begin to build tools for long term sobriety.

Recovery Education

Learn what addiction is, and what you need to do to recover from it. Addictions affect entire families. Everyone wants to help their loved one heal.

Regular Exercise

Getting your body moving again helps build muscles and flexibility. Work with our personal trainers to work towards your best self.

Eating Healthy

Nutritious meals help the body heal. Be reinvigorated by a variety of foods that are prepared by Chefs and Certified Nutritionists.

Rest & Relaxation

Learn to relax and breathe. Yoga and Mediation are important practices in addiction recovery. Our bodies, and our minds need to reconnect.

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