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Medical Monitoring

Keep your recovery on track.

Medical Monitoring

Often someone’s recovery is being initiated or supported for by someone that wants to see you succeed, and return to a healthier lifestyle. We provide discreet, clinical feedback on recovery progress, and have trusted healthcare relationships with community, employers, unions and provincial courts across Canada. Medical monitoring and urine analysis are effective tools to help maintain accountability and long-term sobriety.

The continuous face to face contact allows clients to feel supported in their recovery process. Clients tested for sobriety, are asked questions designed to help them stay focused and accountable to their Treatment Plan.

Relapse Prevention

We also assess sobriety benchmarks as recommended by an addiction doctor’s Independent Medical Examination. All clients must provide a reliable contact number and have to remain accessible for the entire 2 years of the Agreement; failure to return calls or to check messages are not accepted as valid reasons for missing a test, and are considered to be non-compliance with the signed Relapse Prevention Agreement.


Medical Monitoring is an ongoing process of Relapse Prevention which  involves a more rigorous and accountable approach to recovery. The program is designed to be supportive and to help clients achieve long-term sobriety.

Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing

‘State of the art’ testing for the most commonly used drugs, including Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) testing for Alcohol.

Point of Care Testing (POCT):
Urine analysis results are available in 5 minutes, so it is a timely tool.

Lab based GC/MS Testing:
Test are sent to an independent lab. Results are available within a few days. Testing utilises the services of a Medical Review Officer, and abides by industry-standard ‘chain of custody’ collection techniques that will stand up in court.

LIFERA Drug Testing
LIFERA Medical Report

Reporting Information

Reporting information to employers or healthcare providers is an important component of Medical Monitoring.

Compliance and non-compliance

This is a medical issue.
Medical information can only be given to medical or Occupational Health staff.

If a company has a medical/health division.
The employer can be informed directly about ongoing compliance or non-compliance. We provide monthly reports to the employer, but in the cases of non-compliance, the employer is notified immediately.

Medical Review Officers

Certified Medical Testing

Medical Doctors oversee the entire substance abuse drug and alcohol testing program. An MRO is a Specialised Addictions Doctor who acts as an independent and impartial “gatekeeper” and advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process.

Our Medical Review Officers determine if the there is a legitimate medical explanation for positive laboratory results, as well as adulterated, substituted and invalid drug test results. The MRO is critical in determinations of non-compliance.


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