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The Intervention Process

How do interventions work?

Our 5-Stage Intervention process.


In this stage we provide information about our intervention services and the process. We engage in phone conversation where we gather general and situational information, discuss planned participants and gain perspective initial perspectives on the person of concern.

This information helps us in the determination on the type of treatment that would be most effective. We also process the payment for Intervention Services in this stage.


In this stage we begin setting dates and times for meetings, conference calls with a goal to schedule both the pre-intervention and intervention itself. We check in to make sure that all of the members of the intervention group (company, friends or family) are understanding the process and their role.

We then begin making arrangements for treatment services including detox, treatment, aftercare planning, sober coaching, and addiction counselling. These services need to be in place before the intervention happens, because our goal is to get them the support they need as soon after the intervention as possible.


In this stage we focus on the Pre-intervention. All participants have a group meeting where a location is set for the intervention, a transportation development plan for admittance to Treatment is formalised. Extensive discussions are held on preparing everyone for what is expected of each person, what they should expect from their interventionist, and what they should be prepared for at the actual intervention. Often we have a powerpoint presentation that helps guide this pre-intervention.

The majority of the work in an Intervention is done during the Pre-Intervention. If done properly, the actual intervention is usually very quick (within 20 minutes normally), because every contingency has been planned and accounted for in the Pre-Intervention

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This is the Intervention Stage. We will meet as a team just before the scheduled time and place for a final briefing to go over any remaining details or concerns, and remind everyone of the rules.

The Intervention Process will begin with the arrival of Individual with substance use issues. From this point the our interventionist will guide the process to make sure everyone one is as comfortable as possible, and feels completely safe. This is the time where our experience and training as Interventionists is most important, and essential.


This stage is where we hope we can transport the person directly into a treatment centre, or into a safer environment then they are currently in. We offer them options, boundaries and expectations that are fair and come from a place of care and concern. We all just want them to get better.

Stage five includes follow-up support and a communication planning between the client, their family, and treatment providers. We will also provide referral services for further support systems, and discuss post-treatment planning.

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Why use an Interventionist?

Our highly trained, internationally certified and Professional Drug Addiction and Intervention Specialists plan a custom strategy aimed at presenting the Intervention in a professional, objective, caring, and non-judgmental manner.

We work in collaboration with several local men's and women's Treatment Centres, so we can facilitate admission to treatment directly if necessary.

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