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Support and Guidance Saves Lives.


A drug or alcohol intervention is a discreet and professionally planned process designed to illustrate the reality of addiction to a problematic substance misuser. They are presented with a solution designed to provide an immediate path to begin their road to recovery.

Our highly trained, internationally certified, and Professional Intervention Specialists use time tested principles and practices to plan a custom strategy aimed at presenting the Intervention in a professional, objective, caring, and non-judgmental manner.

We work in collaboration with several local men’s and women’s Treatment Centres, so we can facilitate admission to treatment directly if necessary.

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The Intervention

It’s time for the family and friends to join together in an effort so save a life. Whether the individual is on the brink of death or is simply just not living their best life, the impact of addiction is immense. An intervention is a guided and supported process where loved ones become a cohesive unit to express the impact that addiction has had on them.

The goal is to set firm, productive boundaries that will help the recovery process, and convey strongly in a supportive way that the subject’s reckless, obsessive, manipulative and destructive behaviours will no longer be tolerated. LEARN MORE

Support and Guidance Saves Lives.

An Intervention is a discreet and professionally planned process designed to illustrate the reality of addiction to the problematic user. It includes the provision of a solution designed to empower the problematic user to accept an immediate way out.

We are Certified Interventionists

We can chat online or over the phone 24/7

Short-term and long-term recovery planning

Anger management and conflict resolution counselling

Recovery Coaching and aftercare guidance

Discreet, compassionate and supportive.

Our entire staff of Certified Addiction and Clinical Counsellors combine for over 75 years of service in the addiction recovery community. Many have had a personal experience with addiction so they know exactly where you and your loved-ones are right now. We know how tough it is, but we also know how to get you out.

Currently credentialed and certified professionals

In-person and online counselling available

Family support and spouse counselling

Anger management and conflict resolution counselling

Family, grief, sexual trauma and PTSD counselling

We can help you find your path back.

We work with trusted Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres and addiction recovery professionals across Canada. This allows us to effectively choose the right treatment plan for our clients. Recovery doesn't have a 'one size fits all' or 'silver-bullet' solution. A solid recovery plan means focusing on services that would best benefit you, a co-worker, or a loved one.

Treatment education leads to long-term sobriety

Personalised recovery programs for men and women

Effective addiction education services for families

Receive preferred rates for treatment

Our Sobriety Coaches can guide your progress

You are not alone. We can guide you.

Our sobriety coaches are substance use and addictions specialist who provide collaborative support and case management solutions to individuals, families, employers, disability and occupational healthcare providers, government agencies and private enterprise. They help you to stay on track towards a healthier future.

Treatment case planning and management

Relapse prevention & recovery coaching

Long-term recovery is built on strong bonds

You are never alone. Call us to find a way through

We develop open and trusting relationship

Keep on track with your recovery.

We are trusted healthcare partners with various employers, unions and provincial courts across Canada. Often your recovery is being supported for by someone that wants to see you succeed and return to a healthier lifestyle. We provide discreet, clinical feedback on your progress. Medical monitoring and urine analysis are services we also provide.

Our Sobriety Coaches can guide your progress

Structured progress reporting leads to better results

Medical Monitoring and Urine Analysis services

Satisfy conditions to maintain your employment

Law Courts accept our progress report as evidence

Reach out when you need us - 24/7

The process of recovery isn't easy. We all will have our good days and bad. We feel it is very important for our clients and families to be able to reach our team 24/7. Things will come up, but nothing that can't be managed in order to maintain your sobriety.

We develop open and trusting relationship

Have a support team in place for when you need them

Our phones are always on

You are never alone. Call us to find a way through

Long-term recovery is built on strong bonds

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